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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

IBFC has an assessment of the latest injury rumor to hit the internet ("two offensive linemen out, one with a career ending condition, the other with an ankle break," to paraphrase). The condition belongs to Mike Kolodziej, the ankle is Justin Boren's. Reading between the tea-leaves of moderator reaction, Vijay concludes that there's something to said rumor. And he left out some grumbling by The Wolverine's John Borton on WTKA yesterday to the effect of "Kolo has to prove he can stay healthy."

So... something's up. Boren's alleged injury is unfortunate but should have a minimal effect on the season and his career. Kolodziej, on the other hand, was battling Alex Mitchell and Jeremy Cuilla for the last starting job on the line. Though I don't think there's much difference between a Mitchell-Riley right side and a Riley-Kolodziej right side, his absence would hurt the line's depth -- the first tackle off the bench likely becomes redshirt freshman Mark Ortmann -- and would be a generally nasty blow to a player who [Lloyd] deserves better [/Lloyd].

As with all rumor-mongering, keep in mind that this is that Internet Irresponsibility the papers keep telling you about and nothing is guaranteed until Carr refuses to speculate on a particular player's condition during a press conference. This one is rated "probably true" but with a "details/severity unclear" rider. More baseless speculation as it becomes available.