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Monday, August 28, 2006

So it seems I've been hired by AOL to be the Big Ten's lead blogger for what will no doubt be the best website in the entire universe: The Fanhouse. This will necessitate some changes around these parts, but fear not. MGoBlog will soldier on. Worried? The Fanhouse is looking for short, digestible posts from 100-400 words. Does that describe anything on this blog? Not really. Unless they get a table fetish or a strange desire for 3,000 words on Purdue's season, all the stuff you love to skim over and largely ignore is staying right here, baby.

Making the move to AOL:

  • Portions of Unverified Voracity. The links therein will be posted individually, as the AOL blog is going to be an uberblog you can filter by tags, so posting something about an injury to a Wisconsin player should be filed under "Wisconsin" instead of "Wisconsin / Angry Ravings Against ESPN / Stat Wonkery." Those bits of UV that aren't directly relevant to the AOL blog will appear here, also individually. I'll miss the name but look forward to posting stuff in more timely fashion.
  • Any pressing news like injuries or commitments. Longer Googlestalking commit posts will appear here first.
  • Fun YouTube stuff. The AOL blog is encouraging multimedia.
Staying are most things that are horrendously long, not directly relevant, or esoteric:
  • UFR.
  • Further excursions into stat-wonkery.
  • The 3,000 word team previews.
  • Basketball & hockey coverage.
  • Calls for the head of Stephen A. Smith and his ilk.
Also, this marks a transition point. Selling out is going to occur. A few months ago my job and I agreed to not have each other any more, partially due to the fact that instead of doing "things" I was "supposed to be doing" I was "posting on my blog." In the subsequent months I've come to two conclusions:
  • I like blogging.
  • I don't like engineering.
So we're going to try this for funding. Some of it will come from AOL. The rest I hope can be provided by merchandising (buy a shirt!), affiliate program-ing, generous readers, and unobtrusive text link ads on the sidebar. I won't be adding any flashing invitations to punch the monkey, literally or metaphorically. If it works, it works and I'm terribly happy. If it doesn't I'll cut my hair and become an accountant or something. We'll give it a year or so and then evaluate it.

Practical Applications for You, The Reader: The NCAA Fanhouse is still a week or two away from launching and is in a weird limbo state where I can and should post to it but there's no Wolverine-specific area. There is a me-specific area that you can bookmark/subscribe to, though in the future it might contain the odd post on other teams that I'm picking up the slack on. This you might possibly survive.

My first post @ the Fanhouse is on the terribly interesting depth chart released today.