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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Now that's a headline. Conway, SC wide receiver Junior Hemingway has committed to Michigan. Someone peal the church bells. Informative update coming.

Informative Update: Hemingway first popped up on Michigan recruitniks' radar during last year's summer camp. As a rising junior, he blew the doors off -- most observers said that, like Mallet, he was clearly the best player at his position there despite not being a senior -- and was rumored to be a candidate for a signing day commit. Obviously, that didn't happen, but Michigan will take him any time he wants to say "I do." Hemingway had 52 catches for 846 yards and 10 touchdowns his junior year.

Recruiting services are split on just how good Hemingway is. Rivals and Scout have him ranked around the tail end of their top 100s. On Scout he's the last receiver in; on Rivals he's the first receiver out. ESPN, though, loves him. He's the #17 player in their top 150 and sounds like a slower version of Braylon Edwards in their scouting report ($):
He is exceptional tracking the ball while in the air and possesses rare body control and the ability to make acrobatic catches. ... Shows the ability to consistently gain separation and is a huge threat on the fade and vertical routes. ... He can extend for the ball away from his body. This is the trait that separates him from others in this class. If the ball is near him, he will catch it.
Scout's evaluation is similar:
A downfield leaper, Hemingway may not be the fastest player on the field but he certainly stretches it with his ability to go up for the grab. Great hands, catches everything...
His coach confirms that as "tremendous" is to Lloyd Carr, "leaper" is to Junior Hemingway:
"[Hemingway] has great concentration, great hands, great leaping ability, got good speed and has a good frame," Jordan said. "He's a triple jumper with a great vertical."
Speed concerns could be overblown, as he won the Smokehouse award during his '05 camp trip and reported a 4.58 electronic 40 -- equivalent to a 3.5 hand-timed or something.

WR recruiting is no longer an issue, though Michigan will continue to pursue Toney Clemons and a couple of Californians.