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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Responded to some requests:

  • There is now a green and gold version of "Return To Glory" for those with the temerity to wear it into South Bend. The photo doesn't look very legible but the text is in a slightly metallic gold so it should come out fine. Also, its current incarnation is subtle enough to dupe unwise or intoxicated ND fans: beware.
  • There are versions of the Hart t-shirts without references to mgoblog.
  • There are maize versions of the East Lansing t-shirts and an additional one that claims "East Lansing is a lady of negotiable affection" for those with small children or parents.
  • The nice thing about these shirts is they're done with vector graphics and are high quality compared to cafepress type items. This does prohibit the deployment of kittens.
Also, and those of you who already ordered shirts are going to hate me: if you enter the coupon code "SUMMERSALE06" when you check out you will get 15% off until Monday.

Click the shirt to go to the store.