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Monday, August 14, 2006

(Or Anyone Else For That Matter)

Exhibit A: Mike DeCourcy's please-die note to Amaker.

Exhibit B: Mike Farrell's instate recruitin' PANIC article.

The latest is an article from Tom Dienhart that can only be described as aggressively dumb. Deinhart apparently saw a recent AP article headline "Carr, Michigan's brass say he's there to stay" and flipped the eff out.
So, Michigan's brass boldly states that Lloyd Carr is "here to stay."

What did you expect the guys sitting in the high-back leather chairs to utter in August? That Carr was on the hot seat? That Carr had to win the Big Ten this year -- or he would be fired?

Yeah, right. It's just more blabber from the Ann Arbor ivory tower.
Amazingly, it goes downhill from there. There's an avatar for the Michigan fanbase named "Big Blue Boy." Yeah. It's extraordinarily... nay... miraculously bad. And it's not alone. Check Dienhart's next most recent post on Charlie Weis:
Here's the scoop: Weis had a problem with a recent series of stories in a local paper that dared to pose the question: "Can Notre Dame maintain principles and athletic dominance?"

Weis' response to the two reporters? No questions for you!

In other words, if Chas has a beef with you, he'll go Biff on you.

Look, there are wrong ways and right ways to handle disagreements. And Biff Weis did it the wrong way. Why? Well, I'm guessing it's because Biff Weis felt he could get away with it.
I'm flabbergasted that Dienhart is getting paid for this instead of, say, being tasered and locked up far away from the Internet.

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