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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Okay, nevermind. It lives. It'll be a little thinner and more infrequent, but it lives.

Fanhouse stuff: Once the Michigan section gets broken out on its own, RSS subscribers will be able to get a specific feed for that. As of now you'll have to make due. I'll try to keep you updated semi-regularly on the posts that are up:

Previews You'll Actually Read Most Of: Mark Hasty's Pickin' On The Big Ten tackles week one; I feel mixture of pride and shame when this passage makes perfect sense to me:
This marks the first time in the recent history of POTBT (what, there’s ancient history of POTBT?–Ed.) that two teams whose names are also titles on John Linnell’s 1999 album State Songs have met in a non-conference matchup. There, now don’t you feel smarter?
(Yes. Also, revisit the lyrics to "Michigan":
Don't hold us back, don't hold us back
We must eat Michigan's brain
Now grow back, Michigan
We miss you again
The unmistakable handiwork of JoePa, I say! So does House Rock Built's JoePa shirt!)

SMQB gazes deep into the crystal ball and comes back with one certainty:
Michigan State will suffer a debilitating setback that will wreck its season.
Aaaand The OZone predicts Michigan to go 11-1 with its one loss coming against OSU, natch. I declare shenanigans: clearly this is a weird reverse-jinx.

Content! The Illini Report (yes, there is a blog that covers Illini football. Pray for them) asks a bunch of different people where the toughest place to play in the Big Ten is. Somebody says Michigan Stadium...
MICHIGAN-- just always seems like such a madhouse; being situated in one of the ultimate college towns doesn't hurt.
...but it's USC blogger Kyle Bunch so nevermind all that. The consensus appears to be Value City Stadium.

Meanwhile, Maize 'n' Brew re-mascots the Big Ten. Except for Minnesota, because obviously.