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Friday, September 22, 2006

Sorry: late. Firefox crash while typing = sad panda.

Further adventures in Badger: Apparently mopeds are a plague on UW's campus. Who knew? They're also a plague on the football team: second-string linebacker Elijah Hodge (Abdul's brother) was arrested for stealing one and will miss the Michigan game. Also, Bruce Ciskie has his Michigan O vs Wisconsin D preview up @ The Fanhouse.

Stadium & Main has its weekly MSM link roundup. I don't usually highlight puff pieces, but I'm a sucker for fullbacks. The MZone breaks down UW, the U bit.

Ok, ok: definitely the last bit of ND stuff. Probably. Josh Houchin, who helped out with the UFR clips in previous weeks, has an eight-minute highlight reel simply titled "Domination." (Warning for my mom: f-bomb dropped in the soundtrack. Don't blame me, I didn't choose the music.)

Meanwhile, Maize 'n' Brew took a PDA to the game and scribbled out a bunch of strangely compelling, vowel-free notes. Favorite sequence (Michigan leads 27-7 at this point):
Hrt 1 yrd lft. Hrt for 10.

Nd fans ftng among selves.
Some more running interspersed, then:
Hnne TD pass lft sd to manham!
And then:
Nd fns ht 1 anthr. argin ovr standing.

Meanwhile, Vijay is mad. Real mad. This is something to see. I get mad all the time. There are probably three or four articles a week I read and consciously decide "no, let this one go." So it's not really news when I get mad. I'm easy to piss off. Vijay, on the other hand, appears to be the nicest person in the Western Hemisphere, but even he flips out when ND fans universally start crabbing "The outcome of this game had nothing to do with the officating BUT" as if that one little sentence excuses all the paranoid ravings about...

NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH REFEREE INQUISITION! Our chief weapon is incompetence, incompetence and replay. Our two weapons are replay and incompetence. And ruthless inefficiency. Our THREE weapons are replay and incompetence and ruthless ineffiency. And an almost fanatical devotion to Lloyd Carr. Our FOUR... no. AMONGST our weapons... amongst our weaponry are such elements as replay...

I'll come in again.

Finally, BGS's preseason predictions are not quite as emasculating as my 2005 Purdue for Space Emperor campagin, but they are, um, interesting to review.

It is a Toomer: Amani Toomer profiled in the NYT(reg). He has been around a long time.

Hockey picked up a recruit for... 2009(!).Some detail @ WCH. Already committed to the NTDP for next year, so a player.

Etc.: Rocky Top Talk's Race to the National Championship is a lot more fun for Michigan fans than last year's edition.