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Monday, September 18, 2006

Reaction everywhere: for some reason, an Irish fan put up an impressive slide show of images from Saturday's game. His reasons are unknown, but the end result is great fun for Michigan fans. Dangerous Logic has put all variety of highlights up on YouTube and captured this outstanding image of Brady Quinn:

That image alone should cost him millions of dollars in NFL signing bonuses.

Elsewhere, Johnny gives the proverbial bird to haterz(!). Maize 'n' Brew echoes my game column, saying "Don't call it a comeback / I been here for years." Stadium and Main chips in; IBFC is back from ferreign parts and has reaction, highlights, and historical perspective on Michigan-ND; Whatevs captures the Carr ice bath; SMQB recaps:
And future Wolverine opponents: if Michigan's between about the 35 and 15-yard-lines, don't leave one guy to cover Mario Manningham, or he'll be crashing into your trombone player in the back of the end zone, and the pain will be transferred to you.
It is the SANDWICH OF VICTORY. Uh... I get some weird things from time to time, but this takes the proverbial cake. A different Dave files this report from South Bend:
I was at the ND/Michigan game thanks to my ND fan friend Matt. After the game, we stayed at his mom's house in South Bend, where she encouraged me to make a sandwich. Well, after the beatdown my Wolverines handed his Irish, I didn't need any more encouragement. SANDWICHES, BITCHES! Some turkey, some cheese, some mustard and mayo.... all there except the ham.

Anyway, I thought y'all might appreciate the photo of this victory sandwich made in the Notre Dame kitchen.
So, without further adieu, the Sandwich of Victory:

God, it's beautiful.

Another onsite report, this one from reader Bill Buhr:
I’ve been reading your site for several months, and when you put the shirts up, I snagged the Mario one. Anyway, so I rock it yesterday, and needless to say, I’m getting a lot of confused looks. I had a lot of ND people come up to me and ask me what it meant. I’m embarrassed to say a few Michigan fans also weren’t sure what it was supposed to represent.

Anyway, after my explanation to a few ND fans, I got the “whatever” look from them. I actually said to one guy “Don’t worry, you’ll know who he is after the game is over” on a total whim. But I just had a feeling about this one. I think a lot of Michigan people did, you included.

So halftime rolls around, and NOW people get it. I had several Michigan fans staring at it while I was in line getting a hot dog, and they were like “It’s INSANE that you have that on right now. You are a PROPHET!” And the ND people, who were still in shock from what they had just witnessed, are now looking at me and just shaking their head. The only parallel I can think of from the ND side would be if a few ND fans printed up shirts that said “Ready for Lift-off” before the 1989 Mich-ND game in Ann Arbor and wore them to the game.

Anyway, the game ends, (a lot of ND people stayed until the bitter end, by the way) and it was pandemonium in the area right behind the Michigan Band. Jake Long’s parents were hugging each other and his Mom looked like she was crying. When the Band
played “The Victors” for the final time, and the team came over to sing, I can honestly say that I have never felt more proud to be a fan of this program.

One last thing, I had several ND fans come up to me after the game, shook my hand, and told me “You guys better beat Ohio State this year.” They were really classy, and I feel the way the fans of these two teams treated each other yesterday is the way a rivalry should be.
A note: I give the deranged loons at NDNation quite a bit of guff, but I do have to second Bill's assessment of the ND fanbase in person. When I went in '02 they were unfailingly polite.

A second note: buying shirt makes you a prophet. Don't you want to be a prophet?

What are these "other sports" you speak of? Maize 'n' Brew somehow found time last week (last week!) to put up a thorough update on basketball recruiting. WCH has a great post on the idiocy spawned by Jack Johnson's decision to stay in school.