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Thursday, September 28, 2006


  • PUNTING (IN GENERAL): not once this year has Carr passed up an obvious go-for-it opportunity. Zoltan the Inconceivable is now sending 54-yard rockets that graze the Karman line with increasing regularity; one of these boomers -- combined with the terrible power of his gaze -- caused a Wisconsin turnover.
  • VODKA DRENCHED MONKEY: Media whipping boy slot has a new owner. Breathe the sweet air of freedom, Cory McCartney.
  • FIRST DOWN PLAYCALLING: Wisconsin outnumbered us in the run game on first down all day but we ran into it blindly anyway. Thus a ton of short runs where Mike Hart made three or four yards with no hole. That hampered the efficiency of our offense greatly, especially with Henne's radically improved accuracy to date.