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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I am off to State College by way of Cleveland soon. I will avoid Paternoville, bundle up against the cold, and hopefully witness glorious victory. I may or may not be able to check in here in the meantime.

Update: Back. Tired. Ate at Waffle House. Cat:

Note that it's not a kitten, because requests like "really old kitten," "amazingly old kitten," and "really amazingly old kitten with occasional embarrassing bouts of incontinence" confuse Google Image Search, somewhat understandably. This picture was titled "The Million Year Old Cat": good enough for me.

Bullets @ The Fanhouse. Left this one out but want to relate it here:

With that [the overwhelmingly positive impresson of PSU fans I got from the trip] in mind, please file this under “scattered asshole” and don't use it to impugn the Penn State fanbase as a whole... but a story to relate: I acquired my tickets from a blog reader and hero amongst men, who offered tickets for face, beer, a place to warm up from time to time, and food. They sat in the row in front of us, hero's father on the very edge of the Michigan section. An old woman was waving her pom-pom in such a way that her arm was repeatedly banging into him. I didn't see exactly what happened, but the next thing I knew the elderly woman's immensely obese son was yelling at hero's father something about not touching his mom. Now, this is a 50-some year old man. Not exactly a confrontational guy. There's a verbal altercation, immensely obese man makes some threats, and an usher calms things down. This happens on the first drive of the game.

Fast forward to game over. Michigan kneels down, Michigan fans celebrate. Hero's father isn't even looking at the Penn State section, let alone doing anything. This time I am watching as immensely obese man makes a grab for hero's father's arm with evil intent. He escapes, and suddenly there are many pissed Michigan fans, including me, stepping in between. More verbal altercation; called a pussy; challenged to a fight; etc. Eventually dude withdraws, no doubt to scurry off to BWI and post something about classless Michigan fans.

There was also an incident in which a Michigan fan was sarcastically screaming for a late hit after yet another Michigan sack, prompting a pissed off Penn State fan to turn around and scream at him to shut up and let him “enjoy the game” (good luck with that). So... yeah, certain Penn State fans have totally flipped out. But you knew that, you read the Internet.