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Friday, October 20, 2006

Someone get this man a medal. SI's Mark Beech on the Michigan defensive line:

Morelli was beset from every side: from the front by brobdingnagian defensive tackle Alan Branch, who collapsed the pocket on almost every pass play; and from the sides and rear by defensive ends LaMarr Woodley and Rondell Biggs, who had two sacks apiece.
Outstanding deployment of "brobdingnagian," Mr. Beech, though I find it more appropriate to describe giant tight ends in the Spaeth/Chandler mold who have their enormous size emphasized when they traipse through bewildered lilliputian secondaries, often dragging as many as six defenders into the endzone.

For the record:The initial sketches of Michigan Stadium's renovations kick ass except for the goofy Ms, but those are no big deal:

I love the resemblance to the IM building and Yost. I love the brick exterior that replaces the current cheap metal look. Thumbs up.

Pickin' On The Big Ten is something I should link weekly but sometimes overlook. Not this week, especially with Mark Hasty an avowed (though close to disavowed after last week) Hawkeye fan. I think he's overreacting a bit:
the only real question is, “Should I clean the basement during this game, or flip over to PBS to watch that white guy with the afro who paints ‘happy little trees’?”
His projected final score of Michigan 34, Iowa 0 is... uh... well, they did lose to Indiana so his feelings are understandable. But not within the bounds of reason.

Pics plz. I mean, really, what is the point of an article on the Crable/Burgess mohwawks without a picture?

I was going to steal this, but Dave beat me to it: if you remove all of Michigan's sack yardage and let everyone else keep theirs, we're still fourth in the country in rushing defense. Goddamn.

Michigan-OSU @ 3:30. The rumor that ABC might move the Michigan-OSU game to 8 PM has been dispelled by an assistant commissioner of the Big Ten.

I guess I could get behind that. Puff on Arrington has this finishing quote from his mom:
Now that he's on the field, Arrington has something to prove in his No. 16 jersey.

"His goal this year was to prove himself in that number," Norma Arrington said. "He wants people to say, `I don't remember that much about the quarterback (John Navarre) who wore it. We remember that Arrington guy.'

"That's his goal."
I could go for having the entire 2001 Ohio State game ruthlessly excised from my memory like a blue-haired Kate Winslet, but, but unless he can erase the memory of the world's least likely 58-yard touchdown reception/buffalo stampede Adrian is going to end up short of that goal.

Etc.: Stadium & Main has your MSM linkfest for Iowa; PSU is phasing out "Zombie Nation" not because it's an abomination against college football but rather because they're going to break Beaver Stadium (Via Black Shoe Diaries); Student manager disses Bo accidentally.