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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yes, Max Martin is gone, not only from Michigan but from Alabama. Martin, dismissed for the proverbial "violation of team rules," has now gotten himself booted from two universities in the span of nine months, so anyone out there still complaining about his misuse last year can probably stop.

Penn State is getting banged up: offensive linemen are injured and being shuffled around. Star Levi Brown is out this week versus Minnesota, though he's expected to go versus Michigan. Also out are guard Robert Price and DE/LB Jim Shaw. All could be back for Michigan, but may not be 100%.

Meanwhile, our injury situation is looking up a bit. Morgan Trent will play and Carson Butler will return from suspension versus MSU according to Carr:

About the status of Morgan Trent, Tyler Ecker and Carson Butler ... "I think Morgan Trent could have played in that game. The only reason I took him was because he was cleared and he wanted to play, but he missed Tuesday and Wednesday, so we decided not to play him. I felt he missed so much practice, but he wanted to play. So I feel very good about him being ready to play this week. And Carson Butler will be ready."
Ecker was reported to have a high ankle sprain by Dynamic Sideline Reporter Holly Rowe during the Minnesota game and is likely out. No word on what, exactly, is wrong with Jamar Adams, who missed the second half versus the Gophers. Anyone participate in recreation activities with his parents? Probably not.

Hockey nominally starts this weekend, though both games are exhibitions. Coverage here will be woeful until football season is over, but I'll try to maintain some level of coverage. Positive: Red Berenson's being given the Lester Patrick award for outstanding service to hockey in the United State. Negative: Jack Johnson was traded to the Kings. If the sign him before the year is over everyone gets to see gibbering rage in this space... so there's that. Sad: legendary Michigan hockey coach Vic Heyliger has died.

Etc: This is too dorky even for me: college football teams as superheroes. Okay, maybe not "too dorky." Maybe more "a different genre of dorky." A guy in Wisconsin likes Michigan Stadium. Dangerous Logic has highlights from the last three years of Michigan-Michigan State; The Realests ask you to match the crime/embarassing but petty outburst to the Michigan player or coach. Fun for the whole... well, fun for Ohio State fans, I guess.