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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Right: instead of a throat I have a pain and coughing factory. Blogging today will be light; UFR is Wed/Thurs again (sorry). In lieu of intelligent commentary in this space I present it from elsewhere.

Arrington's troubles are not over. More @ The Fanhouse.

FO's "Too Deep Zone" has a look at the increasing prevalence of two tight end sets in the NFL. Interesting reading since Michigan uses a lot of these sets, though TEs are getting mighty scarce these days.

Side note: with Bass and Manningham's knees messed up and Arrington's legal issues, to say nothing of the TE injuries, it's time to acknowledge that Angry Michigan Safety Hating God has morphed into Angry Michigan Receiver Hating God.

Tate joins the chorus. Unless everyone who's played us is just puffing us up, we have the best defense in the Big Ten... and it isn't close:

Q: How tough was their defense out there today?

TATE: They were pretty tough. With out a question, the best defense we have played all year. With how physical they are, their size, their speed, we haven't seen anything like that. That's for them. For us, I thought we did an unbelievable job going against them. It probably could have been a lot worse. They made it hard on us on a lot of things, with routes and things like that because their DB's are pretty quick. I think they scouted us pretty well. They were at the right depth and everything like that like they are supposed to be. A lot of credit goes to them, I mean they played really well and our defense played extremely well. You couldn't ask for more than that. They made it hard on us moving the ball. We had our chances also, we just missed them.

The MZone highlights the back of a recent Reader's Digest -- something that I admit I don't read religiously:

I love that the foremost Buckeye fan might have graduated from middle school and definitely has some Skoal in his pocket. Maybe he's the guy who left a comment claiming that "Troy alluded two defenders."

Don't click here.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to crawl into a hole and try to keep my lungs inside my body.