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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'll take "Succinct Summaries Of Fallen Programs" for 200, Alex. Tomahawk Nation, an FSU blog:

I'm scared of Wake Forest.
"Rambling Rants On Outlaw Programs" for 600. Clemson blog Sporting Gnomes:
Larry Coker’s head. Plate. NOW!
"Stunning Lack of Optimism" for 800. Stolen from Winged Helmet, an Iowa fan on this weekend's game:
"If Iowa scores more than 2 TDs, I will cut off my left arm and mail it to whomever wants it."

--Duke Slater.
"Injury Report" for 200: the Iowa depth chart for this week is missing RB Albert Young, DL Mitch King, WR Dominique Douglas, and some guy named Richardson who I've not heard of. Iowa fans are not happy.

"Potpourri" for everything: Russell Levine invokes '97 in the New York Sun; Warren St. John has a hilarious article on some youth football coaches (they're coaching nine-year olds and the story contains the word "spread"); Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel guy offers a Drew Henson mea culpa; Michigan Monday @ the OZone; Penn State fans (mostly) believe Michigan is better than OSU.