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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wonk: Back. The indispensable Big Ten Wonk has returned. He starts off his third season by talking... football?

Last year Notre Dame achieved something truly striking. They combined within one team one of the best offenses in the nation (perhaps only Texas was better) with one of the worst defenses in [a major conference]. ... In other words, not even an offense as good as Notre Dame's could overcome a defense as bad as Notre Dame's.
Oh. It turns out that the Irish basketball team has more in common with its football team than a lot of incredibly ugly white guys. Alphabetically-sensitive preseason walkthroughs have begun; will notify you when Michigan arrives.

It's a major award. Lamarr Woodley is a strong second in this week's MaxwellPundit balloting, well behind first-place Troy Smith but within striking distance of the Robot Assassin. Should Michigan defeat Ohio State and should Woodley turn in an impressive performance, he just may win the least prestigious individual award in college football (No offense, Rakes), which once again proves that blogz rool.

Yes, they are crazy. A letter in a recent edition of the Ann Arbor News:
Michigan Stadium plans a little too Nazi Germany

So at last we see the drawings for the new Michigan Stadium. Pretty imperial, and uncomfortably like something in 1930s Nuremberg ( I had thought that Albert Speer died in 1981, but perhaps not. And all those the luxury boxes: for the "F├╝hrers and best?''

David G. Winter, Ann Arbor

For comparison, here's Hitler Stadium (no, not the one in Columbus):

Aaaand here's a the proposed expansion of Michigan Stadium:

Unless Mr. Winter thinks the arch is a sinister Nazi invention, he's crazy. Even if the arch was a sinister Nazi invention, he's still crazy. Anyway, I'd like to thank Mr. Winter for invoking Godwin's Law. I declare the anti-box forces defeated. It's V-Luudite Day.

(Via AAIO)

Etc.: Brady is a dreamy hero champion; Myles Brand suggests no more gold XBox 360 toilets for schools. Don Quixote on line four, Myles.