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Monday, January 29, 2007

1/29: Nothin's going on. Added, uh, QB(?) DT Ronaldo Sagesse, who's from Quebec. Removed OH LB Jermale Hines, who finally committed to OSU. Linked to article on Rashad Mason's trip to Ole Miss.

Editorial Opinon: Some things are actually happening and I'll attempt to relate said things to you. Sagesse is an Illinois commit who took a visit to Michigan a week or two ago and is now deciding between the two schools. Alan Branch's departure may help us here. I have no idea how good he is; Rivals has him as a middling three star. We don't have a pressing need at DT but neither of the two guys we got last year is anything like a sure thing -- everyone expects Brandon Graham, who moonlighted as a pass-rushing DT late in games this year, to move to defensive end -- and his commitment would be welcome.

Other than Michigan, the other schools Mason has visited: Ole Miss, Kentucky, and North Carolina. He was going to LSU this weekend, but they informed him they were full at WR. Clemson, last on his docket, is the only school he's considering other than Michigan that's not among the worst BCS programs in the country. So we've got that going for us. But none of those schools have two years of Manningham/Arrington blocking Mason's path to playing time, as I'm sure the Orgeron emphasized ("WHADDYAGONDO BOUTDAT MANHAM") on his visit. Mason on Michigan:

Now that Rashad has had a chance to visit Michigan, North Carolina, and Ole Miss; what did each school have over the other?

"Michigan's players probably stood out the most. North Carolina's coaches stood out the most, and Ole Miss' campus and environment stood out the most."

When Mason is taking his official visits; what is focusing on?

"I am looking at their environment, campus, coaches, players, and a good business program."

Which business program has impressed Mason the most so far?

"Michigan because they are rated the highest, but that does not really take anything away from North Carolina and Ole Miss . They have great programs too."
Read into that what you will; I dunno.

Ronald Johnson took a frightening visit to Florida over the weekend, as did onetime commit Jerimy Finch. I am officially getting nervous about Rojo, since we've had nonstop assurances from insiders that he'll commit from day one but never even an inkling from the man himself. He's given no indication, ever, that anyone leads. I'm jumpy.

We're still pursuing Finch but it seems unlikely we'll get him back.

Finally, Michigan internets are abuzz with positivity about California uber-cornerback Donovan Warren, long thought to be going to USC. I have no insider information, but you can count me as a doubter. Often this sort of thing is a recruiting site saying something like "we're not completely out of it" in a vague, subscription-pumping fashion. They never say anything outright, but set the table for people to infer things and get excited about their "chance." The internet echo chamber then goes to work. Survey says USC, IMO. Purest of speculation.