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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Gone Gone Gone. Ryan Mundy, Will Paul, and Marques Walton will not be back next year. Mundy had been reported here earlier. Paul, a fifth-year senior who bounced around the DL and FB, was the subject of frequent unsupported rumors as to his demise. Walton, a two-star from a couple years ago, had two more years of eligibility but evidently was never going to see the field.

Hello. Marques Slocum's epic journey has finally reached a successful conclusion. If you search in the dusty corners of your recruiting memory you may remember that Slocum, a near-five star defensive tackle, committed to Michigan two years ago but did not qualify. A semester at prep school did not quite get him there, but Slocum enrolled at Michigan anyway and is now eligible. He won't be able to practice this spring but will be available in the fall. Will either have five years to play four or just four to play four (don't know yet). May end up on the OL. We'll have to see.

Redshirt freshman Steve Schilling is healthy enough to participate in spring practice, an important step in Schilling's progress towards a starting spot. He's the heavy favorite to start at RT this fall.

Austin Panter is going to play and play quickly, as you might expect. He, along with Chambers, Helmuth, and Mallett are already enrolled and will participate in spring practice.

Limbo. Antonio Bass and his cursed knee. No one knows; prognosis seems grim.

Quintin Woods, a sleeper DE/TE recruit from last year, never made it to campus. Lloyd was asked about his status and said he was "in school," but later said that was a mixup and he was not allowed to comment on his status. So they're trying to get him in but don't know yet, I guess.

Still here. Brandent Englemon, the subject of an unreliable internet rumor claiming he would not be invited back, is still on the team and will play his fifth year.

Position clarifications: James Rogers, presumed to be a WR recruit, is listed as a DB at Watson and Webb are both TEs.

Incredibly Important Side Note: Renaldo Sagesse's coach is named "Claude Juneau," which is so, so, so French.