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Thursday, February 01, 2007

This would be one of the all-time weirdest finishing stretches for Michigan in the Lemming era of recruiting if this particular thing was to transpire, but: California five-star cornerback Donovan Warren, long presumed to be the lockiest of USC locks, announces tonight at 7 PST. An email tipster provided some information a few hours ago that indicated Warren had informed a few Michigan players he was going to be a future teammate; I sat on it since there was no confirmation. With various fires starting on Michigan message boards to that effect, let's just tentatively state that at the very least his announcement has become interesting and the bull market is back on, baby.

Update: Doug Karsch is flat-out claiming he's a commit on WXYT right now.

Update II: Well slap me and call me Susan: it's done. A recruiting disaster on par with 2000 is officially averted. Warren will be a Wolverine in the fall and we have our first five-star corner since Marlin Jackson. Of course we had to go the panicky, crazy-ass route to get him, but there you go. Recruiting, ladies and gentlemen... recruiting.