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Monday, February 05, 2007

Mucho video. The same industrious fellow who put together the Brady/Navarre highlight reels didn't stop there. The Fanhouse has a compilation of his compilations of memorable QB play from the 70s, 80s, and 90s for your edification.

Relevant? There's been a lot of discussion (read: violent calls for) Amaker's job given Michigan's steady incompetence. Nothing Michigan has done on the court can be construed as an argument for anything other than a guillotine job at year's end, but two guys playing on other courts may just buy Happy Mr. Coachy another year. The Daily has an extensive article on Manny Harris and Alex Legion, both of whom are playing very well as seniors. RTWT; excerpted here is a key passage about the program's future:

Even though both Harris and Legion have signed National Letters of Intent, they are allowed to renege on those contracts if Amaker is not around. However, they would both have to sit out next season if they took that path.

Harris said he is committed to Michigan no matter who the coach is. But with Legion, his agreement may be contingent on Amaker still holding the reigns.

"Coach Amaker had a lot to do with me coming to Michigan," Legion said. "Him and my mom are real close. His charisma and his personality are what brought me to Michigan. If he's not there, it would kind of hard for me to stay because he's one of the big reasons why I decided to come there."
I believe that the Daily guy's assertion that Legion/Harris would lose a year of eligibility if they were released from their LOIs is incorrect. When Kelvin Sampson left OU for Indiana last year, signed PG Scotty Reynolds opened up his recruitment and went to Villanova, where he's having an excellent freshman year. Unless Michigan wants the PR nightmare of holding a kid to a LOI he no longer wants to honor because the coach he committed to is no longer there, Legion could go anywhere without penalty.

Hoberg? Horrible! Michigan was subjected to the referee stylings of Scott Hoberg in Alaska and then at Lawson. Each game was a 5-on-3 filled disaster that had players and coaches mystified afterwards. This may shed some light: Hoberg was fired by the AHL for calling way too many penalties, and the AHL has adopted the same zero-tolerance policy the NHL has. So moving him to the laxer standards of CCHA play results in? 24 minors at Lawson. Piotrowski got the game at Yost -- an odd switch, that. Hopefully the Hoberg experiment is over and we can get back to our usual rotating cast of incompetent simians.

Draft stuffs. GBN updates their main board. Michigan players on it:
  • #6 Alan Branch
  • #18 Leon Hall
  • #32 Lamarr Woodley
  • #64 David Harris
  • #71 Prescott Burgess
Evidently, Hall's stock has dropped a little bit. IMO, Harris remains way too low.