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Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is always a dangerous enterprise, but here we go with some good old fashioned message board rumormongering.

7:41 PM Yesterday. In a post title "Bad News vs. Good News," WVSports site mod "Vernon" offers a response that stirs some interesting back and forth:

Bad News vs Good News - Mounties 2004 3/30 7:41 PM (show all) Views 1920

EERSFAN - Mounties 2004 3/30 9:23 PM

Re: EERSFAN - EERSFAN 3/30 11:18 PM

Re: Bad News vs Good News - EERSFAN 3/30 7:58 PM

Re: Bad News vs Good News - Vernon 3/30 7:54 PM

Vernon...curious to know - rog1187 3/30 8:06 PM

Re: Vernon...curious to know - Vernon 3/30 8:10 PM

Re: Vernon...curious to know - backcountry mounty 3/30 8:15 PM

well that leads me to think - rog1187 3/30 8:13 PM

Again, things change ......... - armchairqb 3/30 9:11 PM

Re: Bad News vs Good News - EERSFAN 3/30 8:05 PM

Re: Bad News vs Good News - backcountry mounty 3/30 8:00 PM

So, from your thoughts here... - MoTown'eers 3/30 7:56 PM

Re: So, from your thoughts here... - Vernon 3/30 8:05 PM

Re: So, why is he so disenchanted with WVU? - Northcoast EER 3/30 8:13 PM

(The "disenchanted" post spawned a number of additional responses that aren't illuminating and have been snipped for brevity.)

More pebbles come down the mountain in the wake of this one: something titled "Vernon, with all due respect...", another "I leave the board this afternoon and BOOM" followed up with a "not worried about Coach B" -- though at least part of the "boom" is about weird but talented scatback Noel Devine, who signed a LOI with WVU today -- plus your typical message board venting.

1:02 PM today. "creamer14" posts this:

Vernon's right, JB gone - creamer14 3/31 1:02 PM (show all) Views 2403

Message board freaks out like whoah. Scout WVU board picks up on it and gives an indications of this guy's rep:
Saw that too - coming from a very solid poster as well. This is the same guy who gave the scoop on Coach Rod staying, ND verballing, WR coach hiring, the initial hiring of Ron West. This guy definitely has an 'in' with the athletic department.
ND = Noel Devine, and indeed the guy's most recent post before today's is dated 2/6 and is titled "ND will be a EER"; the post before that is dated 2/2 and is titled "RT, ND, WR Coach." Chances this guy is a solid insider are very high. What we have here is a full-fledged, multiply-sourced insider freakout indicating that Beilein is outta herrrrrrrre. I hesitate to offer anything rock solid given WVU pulling Rich Rodriguez back through the rabbit hole, but my finely honed internets spidey sense indicates that this is for real. Dollars to donuts Michigan is locking Beilein up as we speak. Or type. Or read. Whatever.