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Friday, March 30, 2007

Nothing yet, though media reports continue to flow in that Michigan has Beilein at the top of the list. Fox Sports:

West Virginia's John Beilein has moved to the forefront of Michigan's search to replace Tommy Amaker, several sources told ... In addition to Beilein, Vanderbilt's Kevin Stallings is also in play -- as is Southern Illinois coach Chris Lowery.
(The Fox Sports article also claims that Amaker is likely to get the Harvard job, partially because the school is embarrassed by not having a black head coach for any of their 41(!) varsity sports.)

The Ann Arbor News:
The search for a Michigan men's basketball coach has centered on three names - West Virginia's John Beilein, Vanderbilt's Kevin Stallings and Southern Illinois' Chris Lowery - multiple sources told The News on Thursday.
The Washington Post:
Vanderbilt Coach Kevin Stallings appears to be the leader in the clubhouse right now for the Michigan job.
Wait... wha? The Post article is a general "wow lookit all the coachin' rumors" thing, so it's likely Feinstein talked to a bunch of guys, one of whom said the Stallings bit. All other current reports that dare to be specific have him as one of the short list guys but behind Beilein. There's also this obscure WVA newspaper that cobbled together a story based on other reports, but it contains nothing new.