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Monday, March 19, 2007

Guys ommitted for one reason or another... mostly unfeasible. Sean Miller is getting enough buzz to warrant a full profile.

Sean Miller, Xavier

200725-9, 13-3 A-10 (champs), NCAA second round
200621-11, A-10 playoff champs, NCAA first round
200517-12, no tourney
Inherited Thad Matta's program, usually amongst the cream of the A-10.
Has done a good job at Xavier. Was an Oden flagrant from upsetting OSU and reaching the sweet sixteen. Already outrecruited us for Dante Jackson and is outrecruiting us as we speak for top 50 big man Kenny Frease. Might bring Frease along for '08 if he comes.
Kind of like Crean in that he would be signing up to play Luke Skywalker to a Big Ten Darth Vader. Hearing him scream "you're not my father!" would get tiring after a while. Track record at Xavier is nice but not quite on a level with other up and comers being considered. Like Lowery, inherited a mid-major power instead of building one with blood, sweat, and tears. Has ridiculous Lavin/Donovan hair.
If we're going to grab a young mid-major coach with only three years of experience it should be Lowery, who has led his team to greater success and has that defensive viciousness down.

  • Rick Majerus, Anywhere With A Buffet. Age and weight make a precarious combination. Landed Utah on probation for persistent minor rules infringements. Has a reputation as a flake.
  • Rudy Tomjanovich. If he wanted to get back into coaching would be a strong candidate. Alum, NBA championship winning coach, etc. But he's given no indication that he's looking for a job after battling bladder cancer. Doubtful he has the energy of a younger candidate. Would be totally sweet if he was interested and brought in a couple Xs and Os guys along with Jalen Rose as assistants, but filed under "pipe dream." No one's even floated his name, so I assume he's out of the picture.
  • John Calipari, Memphis. Are you on drugs or something? Seriously. About the only candidate out there less realistic on multiple levels than Tom Crean.
  • Ernie Kent, Oregon. See Stan Heath: let's not grab a guy who's currently on the outs with his athletic department, especially one who's 1) still on the outs despite being in the Sweet 16, 2) buoyed in recruiting by vast pools of Nike money, and 3) enough of a nut to come out and complain that he should be allowed to talk to Michigan if he wants during the NCAA tournament his team is still active in. Yeah, he got Malik Hairston. But two words: hell no.

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Flop said...

I think it's just a $2.5 million buyout for Beilein. I read somewhere it goes down by half a mil every year. Apparently, some journalists are doing some too-hasty archive searches.

IMO: The $2.5 large would be well spent on him.