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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mallett updatez. Varsity Blue points out that the Texas blog asserting a likely Mallett transfer has changed tune, albeit snarkily:

Ryan Mallett confirmed yesterday that after a bit of soul searching he had decided to return to the Univeristy of Michigan. Michigan fans can probably send their thank you cards to Ryan’s high school coach Barry Norton.

Ryan’s reconsideration has caused disagreement under his own roof. After meeting with Coach Norton, Ryan has decided Michigan is still his best bet.

If the response to this blog is any indication of how he was treated in Michigan, I can understand why he considered aborting his stay there after one trimester.

Also reassuring:
Bob Lichtenfels [Scout recruiting guru -ed] has also said that Toney Clemons was informed by Ryan himself that a transfer will not happen.
Hopefully this puts an end to the speculation.

Update: Varsity Blue also has a ton of pictures from the Spring Game.


That is all.

Wow. Wow. Ryan Mundy is no longer a member of the football team, something that's been known for a while now. But apparently he's trying to transfer and play at West Virginia under the now-repealed free graduate transfer program. So good for him. But... uh... this West Virginia newspaper article on the possibility... well, just read the crazy section for yourself:
Forget everything you’ve heard, read or been told about West Virginia’s incoming recruiting class and who in it has the best chance of making an immediate impact.

They are all works in progress, every one of them with just as much potential to become the next Patrick White or the next Jason Gwaltney. Really, just flip a coin.

And, yes, that includes uber-recruit Noel Devine.

Well, then again, it includes everyone except one guy you may never have heard of.

Ryan Mundy.

Mundy can flat play. And if he gains the approval of the NCAA to do so — perhaps in the next few days — he will have an impact on WVU’s depth chart the moment he puts on a Mountaineer uniform for the first time next fall.

And no, I haven’t paid my $14.95 to take the written test and become a recruiting guru. (That is the only prerequisite, right?).

But a guy who started 18 games at free safety for Michigan will certainly jump into the mix for playing time just about anywhere he goes.
That seems... inaccurate.

He is prepared for Beckham-mania. SMQB points out the commitment of high school junior James Ferentz, Kirk's son, to the Iowa football program. While this would no normally register on a Michigan fan's radar, Ferentz is thought by many to be one of the prime candidates to replace Lloyd Carr when he retires in the near future. However, when your kid says this...
"I was probably always going to Iowa, but that point really hit home with me after the (2004) Penn State game - after my grandfather (Kirk's father) died," James said Wednesday. "That was a real emotional game for the whole family."

Iowa won that game 6-4 a day after John Ferentz's funeral - 137 miles from Penn State's Beaver Stadium.

"I remember after that game," James said, "looking at my mom and saying 'How can I play any place else?' " seems doubtful that dad will go anywhere. Ferentz the elder already makes a ton of money at Iowa and enjoys a status he's unlikely to achieve anywhere else without an enormous run of luck. If Carr retires after this season, Michigan would hypothetically be able to lock up Ferentz before signing day and his son could follow him, but I doubt any offer we can make would cause him to relocate.

[Several man hours were spent attempting to fuse the younger Ferentz's fauxhawk with Iowa's "Hawkeyes" nickname for purposes of hilarity, but in the end there was only failure. We lost a lot of good men out there. -ed]


Anonymous said...

Ferentz leave Iowa for Michigan?!!

Did any of you honestly believed that would ever happen?

And if you did what planet are you people living on? Don't miss your lithium doses anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ferentz to Michigan ... yeah, right. No chance in Hell and there never was. You guys are delusional.

Anonymous said...

look at the kick ass mohawk!