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Thursday, May 10, 2007

ESPN just named Michigan the most underachieving basketball program of the past ten years. Say it with me: duh. ESPN's take:

it's unfathomable that a program with the overall brand of Michigan -- one that won the national title in 1989 and made return trips to the championship game in 1992 and '93 -- could have flatlined like this. Injuries definitely hurt the program in recent years, as did player indiscretions off the court, but given that BCS schools get around 25-26 at-large bids each season (in addition to six auto bids), all Michigan (or any BCA team) needs to do is finish in the top 40-45 percent of all BCS teams to get in.
The list was compiled by averaging out the ballots of five ESPN basketball experts. Four voted Michigan #1. Jay Bilas' ballot:
Jay Bilas
1. Arizona State
2. Oregon State
3. St. John's
4. Florida State
5. Colorado
6. Rutgers
7. Georgia
8. Virginia
9. Kansas State
10. UCLA
UCLA! UCLA! A team coming off back-to-back final fours and a title game apperance a year ago! A team that went to the Sweet 16 four other times and was in the tournament eight of the last ten years! Jay Bilas thinks that this team is more underachieving than Tommy Amaker's Michigan teams! Help! Think head brokelike!


(via Braves & Birds)