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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Super Schedule. Michigan takes on Oregon State in Corvalis this weekend. Times and channels of interest:

Saturday, 3 PM: ESPNU.
Sunday, 4 PM: ESPN.
Monday, 7 PM: ESPN (or ESPN2).
I do not get ESPNU, like everyone else in the universe, and will be taking in the game at the Arena. So, like, if your stalking is just so lame on the internet: 3 PM Saturday at the Arena.

Highlights. Reader Evan Sipple put together a double-montage of ESPN highlights from Michigan's Vandy victory:

The opponent. ... can be found in blog glory over at Building The Dam, which takes baseball seriously. I'm trying to set up a conversation to get the scoop on the (heh) Beavers.

The talkin'. Articles in the News...

"We don't have the luxury of getting more polished, experienced players from the South or out West. We get the in-state kids who play multiple sports. They're talented kids, but we have to groom and develop them," Maloney said.

"It's a much harder challenge to be a coach in the North because you can't make many mistakes (when recruiting) and be in the position we're in. We've had a lot of things fall in place and the kids really believe in the program."

...News, Ann Arbor variety...
"I told them they needed to enjoy it," coach Rich Maloney said. "That's something special they'll never forget. They'll be talking about it in 20, 30 years at alumni outings. You have to enjoy it now. They accomplished something special."
...and the Port Huron Times-Herald.

Also. There is a super-strong baby in Roosevelt Park. He's on the draft of the 2016 recruiting board.

Eh.The Capital Times asserts that Big Ten recruiting is down, though Lemming's phrasing is kind of weird:
on the whole, Lemming doesn't anticipate many state players attracting offers, at least not from BCS schools. And Wisconsin isn't alone. "The state of Iowa is down again,'' Lemming said. "Minnesota has been down, too. But there are some good players and a great player in Michael Floyd (Cretin-Derham High in St. Paul). Michigan is OK. It's a slightly above-average year for Ohio, not great. Chicago is much better after being horrible the past two years. And Indiana is OK for Indiana.''
Michigan is actually quite a bit better than OK with three Rivals 100 guys and four more in their top 250; other than last year's bumper crop (for universities other than Michigan) this is the best year for talent in the state since I've been paying attention. And how much talent is there in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin on a yearly basis? Very little that shows up on Michigan's radar. Sounds like it's more a problem for the mid-level schools than M -- already with more four-stars than they had a year ago -- and OSU, which is really cleaning up.

Um. I was cajoled into participating in Ladies Dot Dot Dot's, um, "hot blogger bracket." I know. I know. This can only end badly. And, probably, start badly. Also the middle is likely to be pretty bad as well. I am a nine-seed here (versus a 14 seed in this cracked-out 22-dudes-in-a-bracket system the Ladies have set up, go fig). Do what you will, and let us never speak of this again.

Etc.: Keith Jackson:

Remember when Cartman accused ginger kids of being soulless monsters capable of nothing but evil? Yeah... this appears to be the prevailing opinion in the UK.