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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Disclaim and you shall receive: Michigan's released next year's hockey schedule. The nonconference:

  • Icebreaker tourney @ Minnesota. First round versus BC (welcome to college hockey, enormous freshman class), second game versus Minnesota or RPI.
  • Home series against BU.
  • Showcase @ home.
  • Providence, then Tech/MSU in the GLI.
Seems stiff for a team that will be young and lacking any established stars except maybe Porter if you believe he's more than a product of Hensick. BU in Yost should be fun, though. Our clustermates are MSU, NMU, and LSSU.

One positive: they spread the games out much better than they did a year ago, when it seemed there was hockey every weekend early in the year and then very few games in the winter semester.