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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hey, wow. Don't I feel stupid for, um, not watching the baseball game last night. Evidently I missed a game worthy of Kirk Gibson hyperbole, with extra-innings home runs from pinch hitters and threatening hitters lacing balls into the outfield that get snatched out of the air just before they clear the wall and well, just... dammit, man. That's not something you really want to miss.

Sam from BC&RS goes "squee":

They won!!

Michigan baseball! They won Regionals!

I know nobody who reads this cares, but eeeeeeee! First time since 1989! They had to beat NUMBER ONE RANKED Vanderbilt.... twice!
"Squee" is literally deployed later. Meanwhile, the Vandy official site goes anti-squee; if they were to accidentally meet up with Sam they would annihilate each other and release enormous quantities of energy:
One second you think you are watching the best baseball player in school history in the midst of his most heroic performance and then you are watching a .188 freshman pinch hitter circle the bases with an improbable home run.

You hold your breath as the most feared hitter in college baseball launches a bomb to left center and you blink in disbelief when a 6-foot 5-inch left fielder steals that dream 380-feet away.
They also have a photo gallery up. The Daily's blog also has some pictures up. ESPN has an article that focuses exclusively on the Commies; we still gets no respects; Rivals also has an article.

Next weekend Michigan will travel to either Oregon State or Virginia to participate in a best two-of-three super-regional; victory there and it's the College World Series.