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Saturday, June 02, 2007

New Jersey linebacker Marcus Witherspoon has committed to Michigan. This is good for both Tick enthusiasts and people who prefer Michigan's linebackers to not suck. Approximate star qualifications: mid-four star, Rivals 250 type who had offers from Notre Dame, Clemson, Florida, Boston College, and Georgia and, as of like a month ago, like 25 others. Last year he set a school record with 17 sacks (though many articles and sites will claim 18 for him -- and, hey, this one is all like "20"; do I hear 25?) as a junior. Hey, here's an article claiming 18 with some quotes and such:

Absecon Holy Spirit linebacker Marcus Witherspoon, who has narrowed his choices to Florida or Michigan, is supposed to be at the Elite. Witherspoon, a 6-foot-2, 215-pound recruit who is a member of the Rivals 250 to watch, finished with 90 tackles, 18 sacks and five interceptions last season. He played the whole time with a separated shoulder.

"We still consider him raw, so this (season) is going to be interesting," Holy Spirit coach Bill Walsh said. "At the high school level, he has the ability to take things into his own hands. We're looking forward to see what's going to happen this season. He's one of the special ones that make everyone else better.

"His first three steps are explosive and for a kid that big to run a legit 4.5 (seconds in the 40-yard dash), there are not too many kids who have his weight and size that run that legit speed. When you watch him on tape, he gets after it. But he still has a lot of growth."
Separated shoulder: tough mofo. Five interceptions: borrowing James Laurinatis' paranormal football magnets. Explosive! Big! Runs fast! Yeah, what's up now? I do kind of wish that Florida was being selective in their offers instead of tossing one out to every kid on varsity taller than 5'10", as then ripping him away from Urban Meyers filthy blood-and-nut-strewn fingers would be even sweeter, but any way you slice it Witherspoon is an excellent prospect with the proverbial upside. ESPN has him on their Rivals 150 watch list($) and makes him seem Crable-esque:
Witherspoon possesses good size with the frame to add more bulk. He actually plays with the range of a taller athlete. ... Excellent blitzer, with his ability to bend and burst to the quarterback. Flashes the mobility and range to cover a lot of area in zone coverage and close on underneath routes. This athletic mobility is also seen in his ability to quickly redirect and chase ball carriers in open space. Natural pass rusher, who possesses the quick first step and lean to effectively get by offensive lineman. This excellent, vertical attacking ability is also evident in the run game. Very difficult to block him when trying to get the edge.
Questions are raised as to whether 'Spoon (Spoon!) is "a product of an attack-style defense," permitted to freelance without responsibility and wreak havoc but in desperate need of some intensive technique work. Again: Crable.

There is this article here from a local newspaper; not particularly enlightening. Does imply a Miami offer, though.

In sum: good pickup that should be the first of three linebacker recruits this year. Given the edge-rushing thing, may be a defensive end if he can put on the appropriate weight. Likely four years of Tick references. Yeah.