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Monday, July 23, 2007

Sorry I'm late. I'm feeling under the weather.

Update 7/23: Linked to articles on NJ LB JB Fitzgerald, OH TE Kevin Koger, TX WR Darryl Stonum, PA LB Shayne Hale, IL OL Kurt Wermers, PA HB Christian Wilson. Removed OH LB Brandon Beachum (no offer; dropped us), AZ RB Covaughn Deboskie (dropped us). Moved OH TE Kevin Koger to committed.

There's also this article from a WVA paper about the Hale/Saddler package deal that is sort of horribly written.

Editorial Opinion: Not much going on this week other than the Koger commit. We were apparently looking at Beachum as a running back. He camped and was not offered. Michigan is moving in another direction. Deboskie listed us high for a while but has a final six we are not amongst. Possible McGuffie fallout?

This isn't on the board yet but is worth mentioning: the rumored Florida lead for Will Hill appears legit. There are a bunch of stories out there all saying Hill is close to committing to Florida. I haven't taken him off but he's a real, real longshot now.

JB Fitzgerald has a solid top five of Michigan, Florida, Rutgers, Iowa, and Georgia Tech. Michigan is still in a strong position:

"There's not too much not to like about Michigan," he said. "I love their tradition and I have a great relationship with their linebacker coach Steve Szabo. He's been recruiting me since January and I've gotten to know him really well.

"I also like their academics," Fitzgerald said. "They are some of the best in the country."

I think we lead.

Christian Wilson says Michigan, Clemson, and Rutgers lead. We are also in a good position here:
One of the many schools that Wilson visited this summer was Michigan and he was very impressed by the Wolverines. "I like their academics and their football program is always real good," Wilson said. "They are only like four hours away and I like the area a lot. There's a lot to do and it's a fun environment. Everybody really supports the team."
Also think we lead for him.

Shayne Hale on the much-discussed package deal with Cameron Saddler:

“It would definitely be fun, just to have someone that you grew up with and played in high school with,” said Hale. “But I have still have to look at what will be good for me.”

Hale, though, didn’t rule out choosing the same school as Saddler.

“If a school that he and I have offers from is a good school for both of us, we’ll probably both go there.”
Saddler, on the other hand, says the two are going to the same school no matter what in every interview. Hale's keeping his options open but reconfiguring his final list to be M, WVU, UVA, and OSU implies that he's at least giving the idea some serious consideration. He was rumored to be an Ohio State lean early, FWIW.

Darryl Stonum is going to be an early enrollee. The Houston Chronicle has a meaty article with quotes from both Stonum and his dad:
"The people at Michigan suggested I try to get up there early, and it's going to give me an advantage on the other (2008) recruits, and even on some of the recruits from the class of 2007. They want me to get up there and work on things like returning punts and becoming a better receiver, and hopefully, I'll be able to work my way up the depth chart and be returning punts on Saturdays as a freshman."
Sam McGuffie doesn't have a set announcement date yet. This is bad since everyone says if he was going to commit today it would be 100% Michigan, but everyone remains confident anyway.

Garrett Goebel visited Michigan this Friday with both parents and expects to decide within the next two weeks. Like Koger, this is a Michigan-Ohio State battle. It appears very close. If you forced me to guess where he's going I'd say OSU but that's guesswork.