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Friday, September 07, 2007

Right, I promised a look at Crable's culpability or lack thereof in the field goal. Here's the setup:

Appalachian State has overloaded the left side of the line.

At the snap everyone moves forward; the second man from the left (#92, redshirt freshman defensive end Greg Banks) starts to block down on the defensive end.

He continues to do this, opening up a hole between himself and Crable.

Crable takes the outside guy and the other player continues unimpeded. Result: disaster.

Questions, and a sincere one to anyone who's blocked for a field goal before: should Banks have taken the man Crable let go? Is the double team on this DE here necessary? Is the guy on the interior here any threat? Does your opinion change considering this guy plays I-AA? Why does this always happen to us?

My answers: yes, no, no, N/A because I of what I think on the first three questions, one of us must have killed Jesus. I blame Leopold and Loeb.