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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1 Oklahoma
3 Southern Cal
4 West Virginia
5 California
6 Texas
7 Arkansas
8 Florida
9 Wisconsin
10 Ohio State
11 South Carolina
12 Penn State
13 Oregon
14 Louisville
16 Georgia Tech
17 Clemson
18 Arizona State
19 Rutgers
20 Washington
21 Iowa
22 Boston College
23 Nebraska
24 Missouri
25 South Florida

Dropped Out:

No deltas since I didn't vote last week. Lack of voting was Appalachian State self-pity related, obvs, and a general lack of knowledge about WTF happened in week one after the Hindenburg blew up. So some of the above may be spotty. Of note: the exclusion of the SEC trio I was pessimistic about preseason: UT got clunked good by Cal, Auburn blew it against South Florida, and Georgia's offense squeezed out four field goals in a loss to South Carolina.

Oregon is clearly a good offensive team, but they have no run defense and had the luxury of playing Michigan's disjointed crew. Still, six billion yards is six billion yards and the final score of that game could have been 56-7 with a couple breaks.

I am skeptical about UL after that Middle Tennessee game, and the end of the poll is a melange that is mercifully mid-major and Hawaii free. It does not matter what Hawaii does the rest of the season: I will not rank it except as a 20-25 afterthought given their schedule, the Boise loss, and the LTU game.

Any comments or corrections are most welcome.