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Friday, September 21, 2007

We hates them. Thanks to commenter Peterklima, who reminded me of the existence of this fantastic youtube clip. You'll have to wade through some drunk WOOOOO but it's schadenfreude at its most concentrated:

Henne? Lloyd says he's practicing somewhat sorta:

"Chad took some snaps (Tuesday)," Carr said. "I don't know at this point what it looks like for him. I want to watch him again today. We'll just take it day to day and see what happens."
So that's encouraging, but David Jones says this is pure smokescreen:
As for Henne, Carr confirmed Monday what I reported here last week -- the injury is a sprained right knee. It had been obliquely referred to by U-M as a "lower leg injury" until Monday.

Carr also made noises as if Henne could play Saturday. Anything is possible, but I think it's a smokescreen. I've been told the injury was diagnosed as a "grade 2" sprain, which includes partial tearing of ligament tissue and some instability of the joint, with a normal recovery period of at least four weeks.

Though I don't know why Jones -- who covers Penn State -- of all people would have super-secret detailed information on Henne's injury, given Carr's previous reticence to discuss the status of his players I'm with him. This seems like gamesmanship to me.

Hockey on the BTN. Some details in the Star Tribune on the BTN's hockey schedule:
The Big Ten Network's lack of carriage on the three major cable systems in Minnesota could have an impact on Gophers hockey fans. The team's television schedule was released Thursday and, while FSN North will carry 32 regular-season games, five more games will air exclusively on the Big Ten Network.

This includes a Feb. 22 game against Wisconsin at Mariucci Arena. Also included on that list are Nov. 23 at Michigan State; Nov. 24 at Michigan; Jan. 11 against St. Cloud State; and Feb. 8 at Denver. The first two will be carried on a delayed basis.

The Big Ten Network will have a total of 13 men's hockey games.

One assumption we can make: since the Minnesota-MSU game on the 23rd is on tape delay, Michigan's other Showcase game against Wisconsin is also on the BTN. What else would they delay it for?

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