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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

1 Oregon 1
2 Ohio State 1
3 LSU --
4 Oklahoma 2
5 West Virginia 2
6 Missouri 3
7 Arizona State 3
8 Boston College 3
9 Georgia 1
10 Kansas 2
11 Connecticut --
12 Michigan 1
13 Southern Cal 3
14 Virginia Tech --
15 Texas 11
16 South Florida 4
17 Auburn --
18 Florida 2
19 Illinois 4
20 Virginia 5
21 Penn State 5
22 Clemson 4
23 Florida State 3
24 Alabama 9
25 California 6

Dropped Out: Wisconsin (#18), Tennessee (#21), Purdue (#22), Wake Forest (#24).

I bumped Kansas up a few spots, swearing as I went.

Arizona State complainers: ASU has a solid win over 5-5 Colorado, an average Big 12 squad, in the nonconference and since the Pac-10 plays round-robin the entire conference has one less cupcake to devour Magino-style. At the end of the year you should mentally subtract half a loss and add half a win from/to every Pac-10 school; their records will be depressed relative to conferences across the country. Meanwhile, Kansas played four atrocious games in the noncon. There's also a common opponent in Colorado, who ASU beat 33-14; Kansas was exactly two touchdowns short of that. There's no comparison.

Oregon complainers: see above for a reason the Pac-10 will be underrated on the records forevermore. Oregon also smashed Michigan, a team that hasn't lost to a I-A squad(!!!) and is currently undefeated in the Big Ten; their other two nonconference games were against Fresno State and Houston, both of whom are 5-1 in conference and 6-3 overall and would have been losable if the Ducks weren't nuclear powered. It's potentially the toughest nonconference schedule in the country, which is a pretty sad commentary on nonconference schedules, I'll grant you. In conference they lost to Cal but have comfortable wins over ASU and USC. LSU can't match the ability to put teams away; OSU can't match quality of opposition, and this ballot has a bias towards who you beat, not who you lost to.

Missouri complainers: they beat Illinois, likely to end up 8-4, and their loss is to OU, who Kansas would lose to as well. They've beaten someone, unlike KU, and have dispatched their opponents with more alacrity overall: remember Kansas struggled with several games this year. All Missouri wins have not been in question.

Connecticut complainers: Hell, I feel your complaints and hate placing such a wonky team so high but they did beat USF and Rutgers and it's really hard to move them down on the merits.