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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Yankee infidels are dying by the thousands.

LSU's athletic director on Les Miles:

"From what he's expressed to me recently, Les is very happy at LSU and not interested in Michigan," O'Keefe said Tuesday. "He's extremely pleased with his contract and with the support from the university he has received."
Les Miles to Mike Tirico:
“I’m not paying attention to what-ifs,” Miles said, before letting maize and blue color his words. “Coach Carr’s a great coach, and he should stay as long as he’s able, and I’ll root for that team, not only this Saturday, but every Saturday that I’m alive. I give little or no thought to any other opportunity.”
Les Miles on Jim Rome today:
Rome: Have you or your reps had any discussions with Michigan about possibly replacing Lloyd Carr.

Miles: Absolutely not. I am completely and 100% focused on the task at hand. We play Ole' Miss this weekend. The opportunities in front of my football team are great and I'm not turning an eye in any other direction than the preparation for this football team.

Rome: Les, would you say unequivocably then that LSU is where you are going to be next year.

Miles: You know I love this place. This is a place that I enjoy fully. And again, I'm turning no attention towards any other opportunities and just focused on the job at hand.
They are dying on the walls by the thousands!

Ok, not insane. A few weeks back there was a minor internet OUTRAGE at the comments of Associate Deputy Assistant Athletic Director Guy Michael Stevenson, who came off as a hopelessly out-of-date fuddy-duddy when quoted saying stuff about how being loud at football games is unethical.

But not so fast, my friend! The Michigan Review talked with Stevenson and got a clarification:
"If you believe that sport is governed by rules that are supposed to be neutral with respect to giving teams any advantage, then making too much noise in a stadium is unethical," said Stevenson. It would be unethical because of the influence fan behavior could directly have on the outcome of the game, by changing field position or extending possession times by leading to first downs. Stevenson emphasized that he was asked to discuss fan ethics, and referred to NCAA rules as guidelines for ethical behavior.

But those rules are no longer enforced by officials, and since fans no longer have to worry about incurring penalties against their own team for their rowdiness, fans should be involved and passionate, Stevenson said.
(Via Varsity Blue.)

The Review also did an interview with me over the phone a month or so ago; I do wish they'd edited out some of the vagaries of speech that make me sound dim, but what can you do? No, not issue a fatwa. Bad reader. Bad, unforgiving, very confused reader.

Cartoon by Joel A Morgan.

How to see. Tomorrow's basketball game against Georgetown will be the first time a Beilein team faces actual opposition. It's on ESPN360, which is not a channel but is rather an internet service. Do you get it? Probably not. I'll take "Reasons The Big Ten Network Exists" for $1000, Alex. You can check to see if you are amongst the blessed few here.

Question: is it possible one of the blessed few could capture the game and post a torrent?

Timmy B. He runs. He runs. He runs.

Etc.: Barking Carnival chooses sides in The Game; Wojo says he thinks Carr is gone in case you remain unmoved.

Update: Review interview link broken; now fixed.