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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wither Terrelle Pryor? Probably still Ohio State. But it seems slightly less grim today than yesterday.

One. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported yesterday that Pryor may delay his decision until after Signing Day:

Pryor had planned to announce his college decision live on ESPN Wednesday. But he said yesterday he might wait at least a few days to make his choice.

"I'd say it's about 50-50 that I'll push things back," Pryor said.

If he pushes things back it's to visit spread-friendly Oregon, not the act of a guy who's a "lock" anywhere. Unless, as the hardcore tinfoil-hat types have decreed, Pryor is such an OSU lock that he's under orders from Tressel to lead Michigan on until such time as other options like BJ Daniels and Justin Feagin have freaked out and gone elsewhere. But, right: tinfoil hats.

(Also, despite that article's claim that Penn State is "still in it", Penn State is not still in it:

"It went OK," Pryor said of the meeting [with JoePa]. "I just don't know about the area up there. I don't know if I'd like being in that kind of area."

In traditionally effusive recruit-speak this is the equivalent of "AAAAARGH WHY IS HE EATING MY BRAINS NO NO NO NO".)

Two. Though Ray Reitz -- Pryor's coach -- is confused I think he debunked yesterday's report of an Ohio State lead:
"I think he [JoePa, again] had a real good talk with Terrelle," Reitz said. "I don't really know what's going on. I understand it was on some kind of Web site that Ohio State's coach said that they've already got Terrelle locked up. I hear they're saying that, but that's news to Terrelle and everybody else though.

"The visit went very well. I thought (Terrelle) was impressed with the meeting."

(Via RUTS, which isn't giving up the Pryor ghost just yet. For some reason.)

Three. Eleven Warriors:
Look, the kid obviously loves the limelight, but there’s a growing chorus of Buckeye and Wolverine fans that are wondering if maybe their schools may be better off without Pryor. What’s your take?
My take is that the only reason this Wolverine fan chorus exists is because 1) it's looked like we aren't going to get Pryor and 2) some of the people who post on message boards are astoundingly dumb. Also I'm all like "wow, this negativity seems a lot like the negativity previously mentioned under subsection 1) and is not at all like the WOOO SUCKIT kind of attitude I've seen previously around Buckeye parts and this makes me happy."

Four. BJ Daniels, reportedly wary of ending up at the same place Pryor does, told Scout that was not the case, and the Detroit News told the world:

"Well, he is the No. 1 quarterback in the nation, (and) I think I'm the No. 8 as far as dual-threat quarterbacks are concerned," said Daniels, who is expected to meet with Rodriguez today before he heads to Ann Arbor. "Competition does not scare me at all, whether I'm playing football, basketball or even checkers. Competition is not something I'm worried about.

"But (Pryor) does play a bit of a factor. If he ends up going (to Michigan), good for him. If I end up going there, it won't matter. His decision won't affect what I do."

Daniels' coach from the Free Press:

There's speculation that Daniels might wait to see where Pryor goes before declaring his intentions, but Rice doesn't think so.

"B.J. has great confidence in his ability and respects everybody, but he feels like he can come in and certainly compete with anybody for the job -- the No. 1 kid in the country or whatever," Rice said.

This is not really about Pryor, I guess, but it's good. Michigan needs two, maybe even three quarterbacks in this class and Daniels seems like the best non-Pryor option available.

Also: Black Shoe Diaries has an awesome transcript of the JoePa-Pryor meeting.