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Monday, January 07, 2008

Ain't believing this until January 16th, but Manningham's grandfather says MM is likely to return:

‘‘We’re 85 to 90 percent sure (that he’ll) return to Michigan, unless something spectacular happens,’’ Simpson said. ‘‘He has every intention to return for his senior year unless something spectacular happens.’’
"Spectacular"? The only thing that could be construed as spectacular that might occur would be a highly positive response from the NFL's draft advisory panel. Like this:
‘‘If someone comes to you and says that you’re a first-round draft choice, that weighs a lot,’’ Simpson said. ‘‘No one has said that to us, yet.’’
Is Manningham a first-rounder? That seems a silly question to ask for a guy who caught 72 passes for 1100-some yards this year, but he's not exactly Braylon Edwards-sized and has reputedly had some maturity issues. Maybe he'll get a second-round grade and return to prove the haterzzzz wrong?

No, probably not.

Update: Right, forgot. FWIW: a previously-reliable insider says both Manningham and Arrington are likely to depart, and this info came yesterday. Maybe grandfather isn't in the loop.

Update II: Hey, GBN's latest draft board has Manningham #36. (Jake Long #3, Shawn Crable #44, Mike Hart #55, Chad Henne #73, and Jamar Adams #113 FWIW. Also: remember Jason Jones, the Eastern Michigan DT who had a disturbing field day against us? Legit NFL prospect who checks in at #96.)