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Friday, January 18, 2008

Yes, Terrelle Pryor will be in town this weekend and will be attending various things at which point you, the interested public, can express your desire for him to attend your school. (Keep the signs vague, though -- anything with Pryor's name on it will get confiscated due to NCAA regulations. I suppose you could slap Richard Pryor's picture up on the signs, but I doubt that will fly.)

But may I suggest that perhaps some of the proverbial "love" be spread to the other recruits in attendance? '09 Beilein recruit Jordan Morgan will be there, as will a number of other football recruits including Kenny Demens, Mike Martin, DJ Woods, JT Floyd, Brandon Moore, Michael Shaw, and Boubacar Cissoko. Martin, Woods, Floyd, and Shaw are all either uncommitted or visiting elsewhere; let 'em know they're wanted too. Just look for the enormous dudes in varsity jackets.

A final suggestion: Elliot Mealer is also supposed to come up. Mealer's going through a tougher time than I and likely 99.9% of this blog's readership have ever or will ever experience; some positive reinforcement for the kid is in order.

Maze Rage, I charge thee with this task. Go unto Crisler and make it happen.