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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sugar rush. Ryan Mundy refers to Mike Barwis as "a live wire." Uh... yeah (NSFW, but not in a naked way):


Talking. Orson interviewed yrs truly about the state of Big Ten recruiting; unfortunately a small part of the bit it on Michigan got cut off, though anyone who's followed this blog isn't going to learn anything shocking.

ALL HAIL LEMMING. At MGoBlog our policy on recruiting sites is simple: whichever one thinks the most highly of Michigan recruits wins. This year, Tom Lemming wins:

  • #11 Sam McGuffie(!)
  • #45 Brandon Smith
  • #49 Boubacar Cissoko
  • #59 Dann O'Neill
  • #80 Daryl Stonum
  • #93 Brandon Moore
All is forgiven, you oily, muscled ex-postal worker, you.

Check, check. Varsity Blue highlights a Pittsburgh article with this quote from Terrelle Pryor...
"Pitt's out, period. I won't go there, for sure," Pryor said. "I get false stuff said about me all the time. I'm used to it."

Pryor already took an official visit to Ohio State and said he counts Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Louisiana State, Oregon and Penn State among his finalists.

"I want to play in a college town, a facility that has 100,000 and is packed," Pryor said. "That's how I want to do it."

...then proceeds to dole out stadium capacities and fill percentages to eliminate non-Big Ten teams. VB then cuts OSU because of the college town thing to reach the inescapable "Pryor to Michigan... or, uh, PSU I guess!" conclusion.

Let's hope he places a strict limit of 200k on the town he decides to live in, but I think that was more a response to people quizzing him about Pitt. Pitt's in Pittsburgh, doncha know, and regularly packs its stadium to 50% of capacity. Pryor was expressing reasons he was not going somewhere; in context that quote is sadly without import.