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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Slightly under the weather, in case you're muttering to yourself about content/timing thereof.

Update 1/29: Linked to articles on NJ LB JB Fitzgerald, NJ LB Marcus Witherspoon. Removed MS RB Desmond Johnson (Southern Miss?!), FL OL Rhonne Sanderson (FSU).

Pryor: one (via) two.

Editorial Opinion: Not a lot of movement yet, but soon. JT Floyd and Terrence Robinson should be announcing sometime before Signing Day; both are expected to pick Michigan. Then there will be a whole host of guys deciding (or, at least, announcing their decisions) on Signing Day itself. Will be interesting.

Witherspoon is solid once again; Fitzgerald, though, now has some wobble:

A lot has changed during the last five months for the Wolverines, and, according to multiple sources, the West Windsor-Plainsboro South standout linebacker is considering making a switch to Rutgers.

"Rutgers was in it until the end," Fitzgerald said at his September press conference. "Coach (Greg) Schiano has been great the whole time. My recruiting coach, (Robert) Jackson, has been great. I felt real comfortable at Rutgers and I could have easily gone there."
Fitzgerald made an official to Rutgers last weekend. Rodriguez has been in frequent contact and Fitzgerald's supposed to be coming in for an unofficial this weekend. If that unofficial comes off, that seems like a last check to make sure that he's going to the right place. IMO, the chances he goes elsewhere are slim, but that's based on nothing more than a reading of tea leaves.

And then the Pryor thing. He's down to M and OSU semi-officially now -- he didn't take any of those trips to distant lands -- and his QB coach says OSU leads:
"A lot of things are telling me Ohio State," Hall said. "That's my gut feeling. In San Antonio, I was there and everyone he chose to hang out with were the kids from Ohio State and their parents."
We'll see.