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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Okay, Shaw is in($). Unfortunately, we've got a minor PANIC on our hands about Sam McGuffie, who visited Cal last weekend and has not sent his LOI in($) to anyone. Losing McGuffie would be a crushing blow to morale... I don't think that's likely but am spooked. (Again, these articles all have the meat in the headlines.)

In other bits, here's Justin Feagin:

"I hope, and it would be better for me, if he goes to Michigan," said Feagin of Pryor, a quarterback from Pennsylvania, who will not sign today. "That really lets me see where I stand as a quarterback and if I have really enough potential. He's a good player, and if he goes there that means I have to work twice as hard to get what I want."
I love his quotes. I think he'll be a success. FWIW, a friend in the Florida media says Feagin is not really a collegiate QB but more of a "wr/wingback" sort who, though he threw nothing except deep balls, is "fast as shit." So there you go.

Pryor on ESPN:

Terrelle, there's no one to throw to at Penn State. Also OSU is evil. SAVE US CHARLIE BATCH. WE'RE SORRY ABOUT THE WHOLE COMMENCEMENT THING, EMU RULES.

Update: Dann O'Neill in the Grand Haven Tribune on McGuffie:

"That's just talk," O'Neill said. "Those people on Rivals are just trying to get more subscriptions. The other recruits and I would know if someone was going to commit. The two kids who did de-commit let us know before they did it so we wouldn't have to find out on Rivals.

"There were rumors about J.B. Fitzgerald going to Rutgers. He and I talked probably more than any other recruit, and he was talking about (Rutgers) before the new coaches were announced, but once they announced Coach Rod, he was set on Michigan.

"McGuffie loves it in Ann Arbor. He doesn't want to go anywhere else."

Worth something, though less than definitive.

Also, let's point and laugh at State:
Carr's personal phone call was the first step in the process that convinced O'Neill to commit to U-M last winter. While he's been badgered at times by various other programs, especially Michigan State, over the past several months, O'Neill has never wavered on his decision to attend Michigan.
Ha, ha, ha.