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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Update 2/3: Removed FL CB TJ Lawrence, FL nutball QB BJ Daniels, SC WR Jaron Brown. Moved SC CB JT Floyd to committed. Added OH QB Dominick Britt, OH WR Roy Roundtree.

Linked to articles on PA HB Christian Wilson, NJ LB JB Fitzgerald, MI DE Nick Perry (second, third), brief mention of Wilson and Robinson.

Pryor: one two three pics four.

Editorial Opinion: Tressel and Rodriguez were in the house to watch Pryor's basketball game this Saturday, and Rodriguez brought a posse:

You can see Jackson, Magee, and Gibson next to Rodriguez. The guy who's pointing might be Dews; I'm not sure what he looks like yet.

There's not much info in any of the Pryor articles, but feel free to read between these lines. The Altoona Mirror:

Although Pryor has denied publicly leaning toward any college, the general consensus has been that Ohio State leads Michigan for his services, with Penn State and Oregon jockeying for third place. Reitz gave the impression he believed that to be the case, but that Penn State did give Pennsylvania Football News’ Mr. Football and The Associated Press Class AA player of the year something to think about.
Pryor's basketball coach:
Meanwhile, Jeannette basketball coach Jim Nesser became the second coach to indicate that Pryor is leaning toward signing with Ohio State.

Nesser said he believed Pryor hasn't made up his mind, however.

"I think Terrelle likes and trusts (Ohio State coach Jim) Tressel, but that's my opinion," Nesser said. "He'll do well wherever he chooses."

Other gents. Mike Farrell touches on a couple Michigan recruits in a discussion of BC:
Looks like Boston College might strike out on its last three targets, all running backs. Shane Turner committed to Rice, Terrence Robinson appears headed to Michigan and Christian Wilson is rumored to be leaning toward North Carolina.
Robinson announces tonight on the same show Sam McGuffie and Darryl Stonum did; every indication is that Michigan is the pick. This is Robinson's McGuffie moment:

Should be a slot guy a la Darius Reynaud and possibly a dynamite returner.

Wilson seems gone, and unfortunately JB Fitzgerald is the latest LB to have a shaky-ish commitment:
“I know he enjoyed his visit to Rutgers and I know that he’s going to Michigan unofficially to spend some time with the staff,” Smith said. “I guess we’ll know on Signing Day where he’s going to go.”

Smith said Fitzgerald has been increasingly impressed with Schiano and his assistants, who have continued to recruit him despite his commitment to Michigan.

But according to Smith, Rodriguez and his staff have tried vigorously to keep him, even recently flying to New Jersey to meet with Fitzgerald and his family in their home.

“Coach Rod has been down here and all those people, so there’s no doubt about it they still want J.B.,” Smith said.
The article mentions Fitzgerald's unofficial this weekend; I think he'll stay with M.

MI DE Nick Perry is the biggest name on the board for M other than Pryor. He remains difficult to read. Perry on M:
"Everything was pretty good," Perry said about Michigan. "I have been up there quite a few times, but getting around the new coaches was cool. I am feeling comfortable more and more each time I (visit). I felt good about it."
And then:
"As far as (Shafer) goes, it seems like he has a plan," said Perry. "His background seems pretty good and it seems he can put a defense together pretty well. Coach Rodriguez put a good coaching staff together and I think they'll be able to put me in a lot of positions to use me."
Randy Shannon was the banquet speaker for Detroit King; Rodriguez crashed that particular party. I don't think anyone out there has a particularly good feel for Perry's destination. Some knowledgeable USC folk I correspond with are confident, but they're always confident about every recruit so the marginal value of that is low. IMO, USC and M are the two contenders. Hopefully he'll stay home.

Trotwood-Madison may provide an unexpected bounty. Buckeye Planet mentions that QB Dominick Britt and WR Roy Roundtree are visiting Michigan this weekend; two weeks ago TE commit Brandon Moore visited with teammate and nominal PSU commit Michael Shaw. Britt was a UC commit who decommitted in the wake of the Demetrius Jones transfer (Cinci is on track to have seven scholarship QBs next year) and gave strong consideration to WVU. Roundtree is a slot WR currently committed to Purdue.

Britt's looking for a home with an opportunity for a dual-threat QB and Michigan's really hard up for non-Pryor options in the wake of the BJ Daniels fiasco, whatever that was. If M offers logic suggests he's a slam-dunk commit. That might bring Roundtree with him, and then an already on-the-fence Shaw will be looking at a situation at M featuring three of his friends and teammates. Oh, and no JayPa.

There will be a blizzard of activity in the next few days (Wednesday is Signing Day) that I'll try to keep up with as best I can. I usually provide a recruiting class recap in a few parts starting on Signing Day, but since this recruiting class is still very much up in the air this year's edition will be delayed until Monday or so.

Update: Snowflake #1: Justin Feagin, according to Varsity Blue. Feagin mentions from earlier: one two.