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Thursday, April 10, 2008


  • It's snowing like a mother; Saturday it will be 60.
  • There is a woman on the local news actually named "Amelia Earheart," no foolies.
  • This area of Denver is the designated convention-center type thing and is pretty cool, but a little weird: right next door to a candle shop is a payday loan place. And not two blocks from this shmancy Hyatt Regency is a ghetto pawn shop/dive bar area.
  • A few people have inquiring about a potential beerfest; if you are so inclined our party will be retiring to the Wynkoop Brewing Company -- recommended by Starbucks baristas when prompted for a snooty microbrew bar -- after the game for the celebration/wake, as is appropriate. Map. I look sort of like this, except now more like a dirty hippie and less like a middle-aged housewife.
  • I've got a couple mailbag questions answered so I might as well post 'em.