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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Your victors:

Category: Non-tages
Creator: Jason Minor
90% of the vote

Category: Non-tages
Creator: Meszaros
54% of the vote

Category: We need a montage
Creator: Nel
65% of the vote

Category: Weird Stuff
Creator: Yvgeni
63% of the vote

Minor takes on Meszaros and Nel takes on Yvgeni in round two.

The excised: Steve Roszillis' version of old coaches, Evan Steinberg's EEEE Barwis banner, Steve Sap's banner banner, and Andrew MacIntyre's very very gray version of old coaches.

I'm cramming the remaining 16 entries into one post tomorrow and applying the most votes-least votes thing to the entire competition. Allez cuisine!