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Friday, June 06, 2008

I lied. As I was going through the (many, many) submissions It occurred to me that attempting to sort throught them all with just one or two votes was going to be completely impossible. And this is the last sportsblog on the planet to not have a bracket competition of some variety. So it's on. Full on bracket mayhem. The rules:

  • I placed all submissions into a category: old coaches, montages, non-montages, and weird stuff.
  • An assemblage of friends seeded them 1-8 in each category.
  • I've taken the seeds and assembled a bracket. Each regional of eight submissions has two from each category.
  • You're going to vote.
I've removed the seeds so as to not unnecessarily bias the voting.

A few people submitted more than one interesting idea, so I've included multiple submissions from three of them, and some people just suck at photoshop. It's okay, guys. These are the people who submitted banners that got axed: Craig Barker, Matt Wright, Drew Hill, Kenny Greenia, and someone known only as "triplechin" (Charlie?). You are all fine people with many positive attributes, none of which have anything to do with photo manipulation.

Some guidance for your vote, if you please: please consider these nearly-complete drafts. I'll ask the winner to submit a slightly revised version after the contest is over. The final banner should have "MGoBlog" as the only text on it -- no taglines, no ".com" -- and some banners don't adhere to that standard. (To be fair, I just made that standard up like two days ago.) So if you don't like the "Hail to the Victors" on one or the "Those Who Stay..." on another, that's okay, because final versions of those banners won't have them.

Also... please keep in mind that we're going to have to look at this thing for a year. There's one banner in the "weird stuff" category that... well... I fear. Vote with your eyes, not your heart. Or loin. Also, the dark blue banner area will remain dark blue on the new site so keep that in mind if there's something that might clash.

Also also: some of these things look quite different when full-sized. You can click any banner to get an actual size, though it will seem much bigger to you.

I reserve the right to totally override the opinion of the masses if I detect shenanigans, be they from a single devoted scripter or an opposing fanbase with nefarious intent.

On to the brackets.


Category: Weird Stuff
Creator: Chris Wild

Yes, this one was done in paint, and yes it has a certain charm. What's with the weird black dot on the G, though?


Category: We need a montage
Creator: Evan Steinberg


Category: Weird Stuff
Creator: Jason Minor


Category: Non-tages
Creator: Gervis Menzies


Category: Old Coaches
Creator: A Man Known Only As "Yvgeni"


Category: We need a montage
Creator: Ben Rosenbaum


Category: Non-tages
Creator: Tim Slovik


Category: Old Coaches
Creator: Eric Jaffe