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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Your victors from the first round of voting in the second regional:

Category: Weird Stuff
Creator: John Eagal
59% of the vote

Category: Non-tages
Creator: Jeff McKibben
52% of the vote

Category: We need a montage
Creator: Don Helfrich
95% of the vote

Category: Old Coaches
Creator: Shawn Westlund
73% of the vote

Tobias Hopps' naked guy, Casey McClatchy's uber-montage, Tyler Sellhorn's uh... contribution, and Chris Sebastian's field-running are eliminated. Naked guy was so close to winning despite explicit instructions not to vote for naked guy, which is an accomplishment of sorts. Sad fugee faces for all.

Helfrich takes on McKibben and Westlund takes on Eagal in the next round.