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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Did we know this already?

“I’ve decided to go to GVSU,” Quintin Patilla told GVReport last night.

The 6’1, 230-lber is a native of Flint and has spent the past two seasons with the Michigan Wolverines. He has been dealing with asthma, something that limited him in his time with the maize and blue.

“I had a lot of inflmation,” he explained, “the doctor told me I was using only 65% of my lung capacity, so it made conditioning hard because I would get light headed and almost pass out. I still played, still worked and still competed.”

It appears Patilla was not on the spring roster, though that passed with little note; now he's gone. I've updated the depth chart by class.

Michigan now has at least 19 scholarships to offer in the 2009 class; the departure of the third-string fullback is not likely to impact Michigan's fate.