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Monday, June 16, 2008

Uh, no. I've gotten a couple worried emails recently about Michigan's new Adidas uniforms. This image is making the rounds, purporting to be the new duds:

For the record: this is an internet hoax. I don't know what those hideous things are but I assume they're from Walmart. I've seen downriver types wear gaudy "jerseys" sort of like this. I'm surprised anyone bought it, especially since the "away" jersey appears to have, like, boobs.

So maybe it's ironic that the first glimpse of the new jerseys comes from the Michigan women's football camp:

They are exactly the same as the old jerseys except the Nike logo has been replaced with an Adidas one. And, yes, these two are in the running to be starting offensive linemen this fall.

The away jerseys are yet to be revealed; I am on Piping Watch.

hhhhWHAT? Every preseason poll yet published has omitted Michigan from even the 20-25 range normally inhabited by the hot midmajor or, like, Purdue. This seems an entirely reasonable thing to do with Michigan transitioning to an entirely new offensive system without any seniors of note on that side of the ball. So... uh... what does Vegas see? National championship odds:
1. USC 3/1
2. Ohio State 6/1
2. Florida 6/1
2. Georgia 6/1
2. Oklahoma 6/1
6. LSU 12/1
7. Missouri 14/1
8. Clemson 22/1
9. WVU 25/1
10(t). Michigan 30/1
10(t). Texas 30/1
I don't know how much of this is Vegas actually pumping Michigan as a top ten team and how much is Vegas pumping gullible Michigan fans for cash, but... wow. If only you could short these bets.

Ragin'. Former Ohio State linebacker Robert Reynolds has been suspended by the NFL for a year after testing positive for steroids. He'll likely retire. Raise your hand if you're shocked that the guy who choked Jim Sorgi is on the juice. No one? Ok.

Etc.: SMQB tackles Wisconsin. Commentary withheld until my own Wisconsin preview, during which I'll no doubt crib from, cite, and argue with his piece plenty. Also:
Elliot Mealer