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Monday, June 09, 2008

Voting is now closed in the first round of the Woodson regional. Your winners:

Category: We need a montage
Creator: Evan Steinberg
80.5% of vote

Category: Non-tages
Creator: Gervis Menzies
58.6% of vote

Category: Old Coaches
Creator: A Man Known Only As "Yvgeni"
60.7% of vote

Category: Non-tages
Creator: Tim Slovik
67.8% of vote

Chris Wild's paint masterpiece, Jason Minor's blueprint (which, I must confess, was one of my favorites), Bryan Rosenbaum's montage [note: apologies to Bryan, who I dubbed "Ben" earlier -ed], and Eric Jaffe's foray into the realm of coaches old are eliminated. Sad fugee faces for all.

Steinberg, with the largest percentage of votes in favor, will take on Menzies in the next round; the other two will go head-to-head. Obviously.