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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

There is much consternation on the Michi-web about a possible Nic Harris bolt. Grovecity says it isn't so. Others are not so confident. Announcement is at 2:30, I believe. We'll know then.

Update: Announcement is actually at 3:30. 2:30 Central time. Lloyd's press conference is coming up at one, listen for tea-leaves and such. Should be live on WTKA. All indications are that he's toast.

Update Update: It's damned Jim Rome on WTKA. Harris is gone. Which is okay. Still not budging on my A-. And people, people... don't get all huffy and start ripping on a kid who made a decision to go elsewhere, even if he may have told the coaches otherwise. Deciding on a school is a major event in a kid's life and if he wants to change his mind for whatever reason, that's his right until he signs a LOI. A Marquise Hill-like intentional screwjob is a different matter, of course, but I doubt that's the case here.

Correction: The above was modified; it originally said that Marcus Spears was the screw-er. He did no such thing. Marquise Hill was the culprit.