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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ugh. The only thing more sickening than Drew Sharp trashing class college athletes as "losers" is Drew Sharp praising them.

"On a day that celebrated resurrection, Michigan State rose from the ashes of stinging doubt to reach its expectations," says Sharp. Gee, I wonder whose stinging doubt we could be referring to, hmmm? Maybe yours, you front-running bandwagon fool? Could you have said something like "these guys just don't have it"? Or maybe something like "they're already done" after the Iowa BTT loss? Perhaps the main media voice that was driving the trashing of Hill, Anderson, Davis, et al, was yours, hmmm?

Sharp's spent all year trashing the MSU seniors for being choking losers, running a column after every loss about how pathetic they are. Now they're in St. Louis, in the Final Four, and does Sharp mention this fact in any of his fawning "they're just tougher" columns? No. He just jumps on the bandwagon and hopes people don't remember. How does this guy have a job? Why isn't he working in a White Castle somewhere? We'll never know.

What we do know is that "Razor Sharp" stands at #1,388,509 on Amazon, slightly below "Hitler's Book of Bedtime Stories" and only three above "This Book Doesn't Exist." The man is a joke.

Speaking of jokes, check out this review of "Razor Sharp," which is awesome.